Why Trump’s Comments About Women Were So Offensive

A few days ago, American voters were shocked to hear an audio tape in which Donald Trump made some really nasty comments about women. This was actually a video which captured the conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush while they were in a bus. Trump bragged that now that he is rich and famous, women are willing to do anything he asks them to do. The nastiest part was when he said that you can “grab them by the p—y” and do whatever you want with them.

Of course, not everyone agreed that these comments were so shocking. Some of them say that this was just a locker room talk between two men bragging and that every man has done such thing at least once in his life. Others were defending Trump saying that he actually didn’t mean these things. In any case, Donald Trump was well-aware of the mistake he made eleven years ago, so he apologized about this publicly.

So, why are Trump’s comments about women were so offensive? Let’s start by saying that the comments he made while he was talking with Billy Bush were not the only ones that make him look like a misogynist. For instance, back in 1991, Donald Trump was giving an interview for the Esquire magazine when he said that he is not offended by the things media write as long as the writers have young and beautiful pieces of ass. He also called Anne Hathaway a gold digger, he said that Angelina Jolie is not beautiful. Compared women to architecture and said that Hedi Klum was fat. There are few more examples of Trump’s inappropriate talk about women. Truth be told, he said far worse things about men and people in general, but this doesn’t make the situation less serious.

Trump’s comments about women are more than jokes or locker room talk even if he is honest when he says that he didn’t actually mean these things. These comments that he made make women look less worthy than men. In many cases, his comments are showing that he believes that women can be bought with money and fame and that they don’t have any respect for themselves. This is a pure example of degradation, something that is unacceptable in the 21st century when men and women and people of all races have equal rights regardless of their social status.

The last leaked video that shows Trump’s comments makes things even worse. What he is suggesting in that video is to grope women and try to move on them like they are some kind of prey. Some might say that this looks like a suggestion for all men to get involved in sexual assaults.
While it is true that men have a habit of bragging about their sexual life and exaggerating things, when Trump made these comments he was 59 years old, not a teenager, which makes these comments even more offensive and serious. Donald Trump still has a chance to make things right, but watching the presidential debates suggest that he is not ready to change.