Top 8 Ways You Know You Were a Cool 90s Kid

90s kids knew the true meaning of fun. From Nickelodeon to the PlayStation, we knew what was cool. Here are some signs you were a cool 90s kid…

8. You played with your friends outside in an open place.

playing-in-open-placeWhether you went over to your friend’s place or they came over to yours, you knew it was going to be fun. You could jump rope, go on an adventure, or play ball. But then the dreaded street lights would come on.
“Just five more minutes, Mom!” Stupid dinner always seemed to get in the way of play time.

7. You had to dance.

dance-90s-kidIt wasn’t just any type of dance. It was break dance. Once you heard the music, you had to move to the rhythm. There were all kinds of songs, but I’m sure you remember ‘This Is How We Do It’ and basically every Will Smith Fresh Prince song ever. Go Jazzy Jeff!

6. A Walkman was everything.

walkman-old-gadgetsSaving money to get a Walkman was a very big deal, and it wasn’t just any Walkman; it was getting an original Walkman. Can you remember having your headphones on while your Walkman was playing cool music? You felt on top of the world! Again, the Fresh Prince was king.

5. You recorded your favorite song on the radio.

Ways You Know You Were a Cool 90s KidYou had to listen to the radio, and it wasn’t just to pass time. You listened to it because you could record some of your favorite songs. You could sit in front of the radio almost throughout the day while your finger was ready to press the record button. Timing and skill came in handy here or else you’d be stuck with commercial bits on your tape.

4. It took a lot of begging to stay up and not be sent to bed.

stay-up-lateThe best movies of the day came on at night, but you had to be in bed early. Staying up late for a movie meant you had a lot of begging to do in order to watch a movie…or sometimes sneaking.

3. You were up early on Saturdays.

wake-up-early-on-saturdaysYou didn’t need your parents to wake you up on Saturdays. Cartoons began early in the mornings and it was fun watching it. Nickelodeon reigned supreme.

2. The pain that came with CDs was real.

old-cdsThat’s right; there was a pain that CD’s brought. In the 90s it was all about cassettes and players. The cassettes had leaflets that contained the lyrics to your favorite songs. Then came the CDs and unfortunately, they didn’t have the lyrics.
Or do you remember using your pen or pencil to rewind or fast-forward your cassette sometimes for the fun of it? How did you feel when you couldn’t do that with a CD?
That’s pain.

1. Jumanji and Home Alone blew your tiny mind.

jumanji-blew-mindImagine the powers that existed in Jumanji. I remember wishing I could have such powers, and I also remember the silly things I wanted to use the powers for.
Every child also wanted to be cool like Kevin in Home Alone. He was the epitome of a cool 90s kid and we all strived to be like him…although, let’s be honest, if we were left home alone with a couple of bad guys like that, we probably would have just hidden.