The Top 6 Things Everyone Should Know About Political Corruption

It’s that time of year again—the battle lines are being drawn, and election time is nearing. That means that political corruption is ready to rear its ugly little head. So how can you identify it and dispel it as a means of swaying your vote?

Here are the top 6 things everyone should know about political corruption:


1. Fashion is meaningless. Everyone has seen it—the polished politician sidling up to the podium in the latest Armani suit. They look great! Here’s the catch; corruption isn’t always about some far-fetched deep-seeded misgiving. Sometimes it’s shown by using bells and whistles to distract you from the point: the message and what the politician really stands for.


2. In the political arena, bribery is as common as fake sugar at Starbucks. No, it isn’t obvious…you won’t see a lobbyist offer a few thousands of dollars to a politician (at least not at first), but they ease their way into it. It might start with a dinner or a lunch. That leads to discussions on “what would it take” to get initiative A or initiative B done. The door is open and the deal is clear, though unspoken.

3. Lobbyists get their “in” through sly movement. You aren’t going to find many lobbyists who take on the world and shout their plans to the mountaintops. Rather, they know how to play their cards close to their chests. They get their ducks in order first and then lower the political boom. Political movement, including corruption, is all about timing and knowing when to act.


4. Lobbyists are not forgiving with those who oppose their stances. A lobbyist is as forgiving as angry momma grizzly. Unless something monumental in their life happens, think freezing winter to cool them down, they aren’t going to budget on their ferocious stand-off. It’s that tenacity that gets things done- for the good or for the bad. Political corruption knows no bounds and it surely doesn’t run out of energy.

5. Unfortunately, every country needs lobbyists. Who makes things happen? It isn’t what you think. Political corruption has fueled and evolved corporate America for decades. A new plan can hit Washington and it may be fantastic. It may make sense on every level. Without the right lobbyist to stand behind it and do the leg-work, it likely will never see the light of day.

6. European countries have free or limitations on advertising for political campaigns; the US doesn’t. In the US political campaigns are big business. They channel funds into building up their candidate and tearing down the opponent. It’s not right, but it’s the reality of politics.


Political corruption comes in many forms and most are commonly accepted as “the way it is.” Whether or not it will change someday has yet to be seen, but most likely it is what it is.