The Top 6 Adorable Cartoon Characters

In most animation, there’s that one character you can’ resist. Like a coup de foudre, the infatuation kicks in when you meet the character comes on screen. The character might be irresistibly cute or sickeningly adorable. Even the manliest of men, full of raging testosterone, get soft spots for these characters.
The cutest animation characters make you want to go “Aaaawww”. That is just the start, soon, they have you missing them, wanting to see them every time you get home, and in some cases, they become your imaginary friend.
Herein is a list of six adorable cartoon characters.

1. Tweety


It’s hard not to fall in love with this adorable yellow canary. Tweety made her debut on the Looney Tunes Cartoon show where she battles Sylvester, the sly and hungry-for-a-canay-steak cat. Over the ages, Tweety was voiced by the likes of mel Blanc, Joe Alaskey, Bob Bergen, Samuel Vincent, and Eric Goldberg. Remember these names every time you hear “I thought I saw a puddytat”
Tweety is short for Tweety Bird or Tweety Pie, and the name Tweety is a play on words meaning “sweetie”. However, it can still refer to “tweet, the sound birds make.

2. Bubbles


If you’ve watched the Powerpuff girls, you fell in love with Bubbles, right? Unlike Butercup or Blossom who are by their own right cute, Bubbles is on a different level of cuteness. Her blond hair, with two pig-tails, her blue eyes and a matching dress make you want to smother her with hugs.
She is overemotional at times, but that just makes her all the more adorable. If you thought you detected a wee bit of a Canadian accent, you’re right because Tara Strong, a Canadian-American actress does Bubble’s voice overs.

3. Bambi


Although Bambi features in a 1942 Disney animation, going by the same name, generations have fallen in love with this cute fawn. Bambi is no ordinary fawn. He is destined to become the Great Prince of the Forest and guard it from the hunters. The movie is about seventy minutes long, and in that time, you will laugh with Bambi, cry with him and fall in love with him too.

4. Puss in Boots


It’s hard to imagine liking a character full of trickery and deceit. I you thought it was impossible, you should meet Puss in Boots, or Master Cat if you’re European. Puss in Boots played in 2011, with Antonio Banderas the voice actor behind Puss in Boots.
It’s the cutes face to ever grace the animated film section.

5. Nemo


Alexander Gould nailed the voice over for Nemo in the animated movie “Finding Nemo”. The voice goes well with Nemo’s cuteness and his innocence, especially in the Shark Scene. Pixar Animation Studios released the movie back in 2003, and everyone who watched it back then still remembers Nemo.

6. Dot Warner


Also known as Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca Iii, Dot Warner is the only girl in the Warner family. And she got all the looks too. Dot stars in the Animaniacs cartoon series by Warner Bros, hence her last name, and she knows she’s cute. In the series, she goes to great lengths to maintain her fluffiness, including getting a face-lift.