Top 10 Logos you can’t Escape

Can we ever forget McDonalds? Well, no, never, anywhere for any reason. There is just no escaping that grease factory. That logo along with that tagline “I’m lovin’ it” is just perfect for all the food lovers, isn’t it? So here are Top 10 Logos you can’t Escape.

Everyday our eyes view different brands while we are walking across the street or while we drive to work. Logos play an essential role in the recognition of a brand. The better and attractive your logo is, the more people will be magnetized to your brand. If you fail to make your logo attractive; sorry to say…it just won’t be working for you. So, yes you are in an endless competition when you decide to make your brand and introduce it with a logo. And the best way to get brand recognition is to just keep shoving that logo in our faces on every channel and billboard until we come to accept that we like the brand. Must. Get. Burger.

There are so many brands around the world which are heavily adored and appreciated. They have millions of buyers around the globe, and they definitely did not get that fame right away! So what made people visit their outlet? Their LOGO! Here are some most recognized logos from around the world, which have gained huge admiration over the passage of time, because they are EVERYWHERE.

10. McDonalds:

Food is love, isn’t it?

Coming to the logo of McDonalds…the bright yellow M and the wonderful red background is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. This brand is not just loved in the US, but it has endless people who adore it around the world. This is the major reason why people of different ages know about it. If your kid is irritating the hell out of you…nothing is better than a quick Happy Meal (which comes with toys enveloped in packaging with the McDonalds logo on it!) to keep them off your back.

9. Starbucks:

Just the name of it, makes me feel the urge of having a large cup of cold coffee now! Starbucks is one of the most recognized coffee cafés around the world. The logo of Starbucks is pretty cool and if you are sipping its coffee, you wouldn’t just go on without taking a snap of its cup, would you? Well, that tells you how much famous it is.

8. eBay:

EBay is a great, successfully running online auction website and almost all the internet users know about it. After Google, eBay is the most recognized logo of the internet world. We see the logo of eBay in a lot of advertisements along different websites etc. so even if you are more team Amazon, you will still recognize it.

7. Coca Cola:

We just need to admit it; they are damn good at advertisements. How their ads just tempt the inner you to go grab a can of coca cola and gulp it down your throat. Coca Cola has amazing marketing and this logo is recognized around the world. Their product placement is on point! There is a crowd of carbonated drinks in the market, but nothing is able to beat Coca Cola…not even Pepsi. They are brilliant at marketing strategies; don’t you think?

6. Apple:

Fortune Magazine has called Apple one of the most admired companies in the world. Isn’t that a great achievement? Apple’s logo is quite unique as it uses an apple (which is bitten from one side). The simplicity of it and the fact that tech has NOTHING to do with fruit yet is still so recognizable, is an even greater achievement. And let’s just say that iPhone, iPod or MacBook user won’t go on without showing the logo off. That is exactly when you know that the brand has a lot of say in the market. Have you ever noticed that Apple users have the most mirror selfies? That is because they are able to show off the logo very well. Sorry for letting out the secret, Apple Geniuses!

5. FedEx:

FedEx started off its journey in 1998. However, it is recognized around the world really easily with the help of its attractive purple and orange logo. And yes, we all had a T-shirt witht he same colors that said ‘fed up’ and thought we were so cool.
And this is embarrassing, but I never noticed the arrow between the E and X…apparently it symbolizes the fast service that they offer.

4. Nike:

Motivational, huh? Kind of makes you want to go to the gym…or binge on Netflix. To each their own. The Nike logo is not only simple but it holds uniqueness within itself. If Nike would not have signed with Michael Jordan…would they have been as famous as they are right now? Well, the simple black swoosh makes it easy for you to take notice of any Nike product. But Jordan probably helped people to take notice more immediately.

3. Mercedes Benz:

The logo of Mercedes Benz is definitely simple, but the quality and high-end features of the car have earned it huge appreciation and recognition around the world. Now what wouldn’t I do to get a Mercedes Benz in my driveway? The three pointed star logo is right now one of the most famous car logos around the world. Again, simplicity. Seeing a pattern here yet?

2. Shell:

Shell is a famous multinational fuel company. The logo of shell is simple and straightforward. A yellow shell with a simple red outlines; unique and attractive it is. Shell is now operating in almost 150 countries around the world, so naturally, people do recognize Shell easily.

1. Audi:

Who does not know of Audi? The simple four circles are well known around the world and like Mercedes, I desperately want one. What wouldn’t you give to have an Audi stand in your garage? Just four simple circles. Memorable and the most famous logo around the car world.