Top 10 Celebrity Weight Losses

Losing weight to attain fitness is one aspect of weight loss. Celebrities lose weight for different reasons as well. Sometimes the demands of the role are such that they have to reduce weight. It may happen that they have to do so in quick time as well. There are innumerable examples of celebrities losing weight in no time. We shall look at the Top 10 Celebrity Weight Losses.

10. Jennifer Hudson: Size 16 to Size 6


Jennifer Hudson is renowned for her acting and singing skills. She had notorious weight issues as well. Prior to 2009, she had increased her weight abnormally. However, after bagging the role of Winnie Mandela in the film, Winnie, she had to reduce weight to suit the character. She jumped for the size 16 to size 6 within no time, making her weight loss program the talking point of the tinsel town.

9. Christian Bale: 185 pounds to 122 pounds

Top 10 Celebrity Weight Losses

This versatile actor stands at 6 feet and 185 pounds in the normal course. He played the character of a chronic insomniac in the film The Machinist, for which he had to reduce his weight by around 63 pounds from 185 pounds to 122 pounds. For a person 6 feet tall, this is a ridiculously low weight.

8. Oprah Winfrey:


Oprah Winfrey has the notorious record of featuring the most on the weight-loss tabloids. She was weighing over 200 pounds, possibly due to a thyroid condition. She reduced it to a manageable 160 before bingeing her way to well over 200 again.

7. Drew Carey:


As long as he was fat, he was the quintessential funny character. Then in 2010, he lost a whopping 80 pounds due to diabetes. He has become quite thin now. However, he has not lost the comic streak in him along with the weight.

6. John Goodman:


Remember the bulky Dan Conner in the film Roseanne. He is John Goodman tipping the scales at a massive 368 pounds. Continuous workouts coupled with an alcohol and sugar-free diet, he has managed to lose 100 pounds to look quite presentable today.

5. 50 Cent:


This rapper was weighing a healthy 214 pounds when he accepted the role of a cancer patient in the film, Things Fall Apart. He started losing weight drastically to weigh 160 pounds for the film. Subsequently, he has regained the same.

4. Kelly Osbourne:


She has a history of unabashed self-confessed eating habits making her look huge on screen. In 2010, she started her dance workouts and lost more than 50 pounds to look stunningly attractive on the December 2010 cover of the Shape magazine.

3. Star Jones Reynolds:


If you view the two pictures of this former co-host of The View, you would never believe they are to the same person. This star had lost 160 pounds in just three years in 2007 without any surgical operation as such.

2. Janet Jackson:


Very much in the same mold as Oprah Winfrey, Janet Jackson has been fighting weight issues on a frequent basis. A diet of an apple and a pack of tortilla chips was the reason for her weight loss while preparing for the video shoot of Love Will Never Do.

1. Mo’Nique:


This comedian had a no-holds-barred attitude towards her body weight until she contracted high blood pressure after tipping the scales at 262 pounds. She lost about 45 pounds in 2009 to come down to a manageable Size 14 from Size 20.