In a not too distant time ago, when people thought of flashlights, it usually came with an image that narrates a mere handy source of light that can easily be called upon when taking a walk down the poorly lit basement or a helping hand when walking through the dark alley. Whatever you have in mind, it used to be known as a friend in the darkness.


The beauty of technology manifests in such a way that it gets better, and with every new version of a gadget comes a better version. This concept does not work any differently when it comes to flashlights; they have been around the block for a while now and with the improvement these days we can now boast of gadgets as the tactical flashlights.

The term “tactical” in tactical flashlights just presents another dimension to the meaning and usefulness of this gadget. “Tactical flashlights” come with a ring of self-defense to it.

The tactical flashlights were specially designed to improve anyone’s self-defense equipment; you may already know that if you get attacked by a person, using your flashlight to club the danger down is not going to be a bad idea at all. Well, that’s just on basic tactical way to apply the tactical flashlights, or any flashlight. The other way you can employ the tactical flashlight directly is by utilizing the high count of lumens that the beams of the flashlight pour out once you hit the switch. At 80 lumens you have a light power capable of blinding a person temporarily, and most tactical flashlights are even built with way more lumens than 80.


So if you are ever in a situation of danger at night, squeezing the trigger of your flashlight is not a bad idea at all; you can kill off the sight of the predator and take off, or just do something brave but not stupid.

If you’re thinking that you could rather get a gun to get to the point rather than a flashlight then that’s fair thought I admit. But you know how it is with guns; the dangers, the excessive cautiousness you need to take to keep them away from kids or newbies, the rigors of getting and permits and license and a lot more, and most of all, are you ready to take a man’s life? Probably no I guess. However, with a tactical flashlight, you are free as a bird from legal constraints, use them on perpetrators without causing any permanent damages.


It is not much of a topic for debate: get yourself a tactical flashlight because it can do all you need from a light source and more (light source and self-defense). Also, the physical outlook of the gadget gives more reason why having a tactical flashlight will be cool’ it is lightweight, strong, portable and of course durable.

If you do get one make sure not to be embarrassed on any fateful night where the attack is going down and you do not have any battery on your tactical flashlight.