The Six Worst Things About Fall

Every year when fall is about to start, people start to talk about how great it is, and to be honest, they never stop until they find out how cruel fall can actually be. Well, as fall is about to start, let me highlight some of the worst things about fall:

Temperature Change:


You know the biggest downfall of the season is that your body is clueless on how to adjust to the temperature. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed people falling sick as soon as the season starts? Of course you have, because you felt sick as well! And all of a sudden everyone starts talking about their flu, which is obviously not a great topic to talk about.

Getting out of your bed:


This might be the worst thing about fall starting as getting out of the bed becomes very hard. And this is just the start after you do get out of your bed you have to force yourself into the shower and it’s even harder to go out from there! SO the entire process of waking up and getting ready is way too complicated and requires a lot of dedication and commitment.



Yeah I accept, Halloween used to be my favorite holiday but not anymore. There is this pressure that is always lingering since the start of October, and the funny thing is, by the time Halloween actually comes, you’ve just become too tired about it…the stores and TV just kind of overdo it. The candy isn’t so bad though.



When leaves die, they don’t stay the same…you do realize that right? Well, firstly they might look good to the eyes but as you walk down your lawn, they’ll just be EVERYWHERE! They actually make fall more depressing and then people start bickering about it how this affects their mood.

BBQ’s get replaced by Pumpkins:


No one in their right mind will trade BBQs with pumpkins. But that is what fall does to people; it’s like a virus! Remember the time when it was June and there was no school and all you did was laugh and BBQs? Well, guess what ? Now you get sickness and pumpkins!

The days and the nights:


Here we go now: fall makes the days shorter and the nights longer. This is actually more depressing then anything that I have mentioned on the list. Shorter days mean no more time for sports or outdoor activities, whereas, longer nights mean staying in your house, because going outside is just too cold. Hence, fall makes us believe that we actually have no life at all!