Shocking Weight Loss Transformations of 50 Celebrities

There’s a saying that with proper motivation and will power you can do anything. Whether it is in your day to day life or for your health, will power is everything, and that’s especially true when it comes to losing weight. Millions of Americans have an ongoing struggle with losing weight and keeping it off. With the rates of obesity and diabetes hitting epic proportions in America, maybe we can turn to celebrities to get some tips and ideas on how to lose weigh fast. Whether we like it or not, celebrities have always acted like role models to us and our children. Many celebs are being criticized for their curvy bodies. No one wants to copy an obese looking guy, no one wants to see them on screen. So these celebs are required to cut weight in their contracts. Take a look at them before and after they lose weight, you’ll be amazed by their drastic weight loss. Remember, if they can do it, you can do it too my friend. Let’s start with the list of Shocking Weight Loss Transformations of 50 Celebrities.

#50 Tyra Banks


Banks was criticized when an unflattering photo surfaced of her on the internet. She was called an “ugly duckling”. She took the matter in her own hands and started to lose her weight as quick as she could. She looks gorgeous now. The only advice she gives us is to keep it interesting by trying different exercises.

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