The second presidential debate: Who won?

Before the second presidential debate, all eyes were on Donald Trump because of the leaked video. While it is not unusual for candidates to face unpleasant situations during the campaign, this incident took place a couple of days before the second presidential debate. Of course, people were also interested in Hillary Clinton’s health, but it seems that everything was fine with her.


Now that the second presidential debate is finished, we can provide a short analysis and decide who won. First of all, let’s say that this was one of the nastiest debates which are not a surprise because these two candidates are antagonized like no other candidates before. In many cases, they were talking about the inability of another candidate to become a president because they are unfit for the role, instead of talking about their ideas and what makes them a better candidate.

Just as expected, Trump was asked about the unpleasant hot mic remarks and he was trying everything he can to turn the attention to other questions. He once again said he was sorry and that his remarks were nothing more than a locker room talk. However, many people think that he has gone too far by talking about Bill Clinton and his affairs from the past (even some unconfirmed affairs).

On the other hand, Hillary was taking an advantage of this situation and didn’t attack Donald directly. But, she said that this is not some kind of isolated incident and that Donald Trump has such outbursts and inadequate comments all the time (against Obama, against Humayan Khan’s family, against the disabled reporter, against the federal judge of Mexican origin etc.). She used this to say that Donald Trump should not be a president of the United States even if she was not in this race.

It is interesting that Donald Trump listened to his supporters and found a way to emphasize the mistakes done by Hillary in the past. He was talking about the deleted emails, the Benghazi attack in 2012 and for other things that some people blame Clinton. Hillary was trying to point out that Donald Trump is talking and acting impulsively and that he is too close to Russia. This is interesting because the Democrats were trying to say that the leaked emails and other documents were provided by Russian hackers in order to help Trump win the presidential race. Trump said that American interests are his priority and that he would not always oppose Russia just to be on a different side.

The second debate revealed that Trump has changed his mind about a few things. For instance, he said that he disagrees with his running mate about the way the crisis in Syria should be handled. He also said that he has applied losses to not pay federal income tax and said that Hillary voted for these laws.
The good news is that in the end, Hillary said a few good words about Trump and vice versa. So, who won the second debate? It is difficult to say even though many polls have shown that Hillary was the victor, but most people agree that Donald has better performance compared to the first debate.