By now it should not be big news anymore that the much anticipated iPhone 7 has been released much to the joy and criticism of the public…just every other big phone brand there is. The apple iPhone series has been one of the best and most patronized phone models for over a decade now, and like what every other brand who wants to improve has done well to come up with newer, more sophisticated versions every now and then to add more luxury to its customers.
The wait for the iPhone 7 is one of the most anticipated since the existence of phones in the world. Much of this anticipation is owed to the fact that the iPhone 6, the last iPhone to be released, had barely lasted eight months before the rumors of the iPhone 7 reared its head.

The iPhone 6 was an incredible phone; it almost seemed that nothing could be better, at least not so soon. So here, are a few pros and cons of the iPhone 7 in case you intend to purchase the iPhone 7 or you just want to know…or maybe you just to compare with what you have already:


  • Sleekness: Kudos to those at the apple factory, the iPhone 7 keeps up the pace with the trend of the sleekness that reigns amongst its predecessors.
  • Water Resistant: Loyal iPhone patriots must have been very relieved to learn that the iPhone 7 is water resistant. There can now be peace of mind no matter the weather.
  • Better Speakers: In the past apple iPhones are not notorious for having very loud speakers, but with the stereo speakers on the iPhone 7, the audio experience is at another level; both in loudness and quality.
  • Camera quality: the camera quality is more incredible now, with 12MP at the rear and 7MP at the front camera.
  • Better battery capacity: The iPhone 7 possesses the best battery capacity ever seen in an apple iPhone.
  • Improved operating system.



  • Cost: The iPhone 7 is the most expensive phone to feature in the world thus far. Not just the phone, but also the accessories do not come cheap.
  • No audio jack: The lightening ear pods that come with the iPhone 7 are incredible, but what happens when you lose them?
  • You can’t just get any headphone to chill with since the absence of any audio jack on the device means that you must get a new set of ear pods.
  • However, if you want to use your regular headphones on the device, the phone comes with an adaptor that allows you plug that in. This is no good at all, because this will be a massive inconvenience to any user, why take off the audio jack at all right?
  • Bulging camera: the bulging camera on the iPhone 7 totally betrays the sleekness of the phone.