Pitbull who Saved a Life and was Stabbed Five Times and Died Twice, Gets a Home

pitbullA stray Pitbull with a heart of gold in Georgia was finally just given a home. The dog rescued a woman and was stabbed five times, left for dead until police found him, only a few months ago. During emergency surgery, he died twice, but despite the odds, survived.

His new parents, Sara and David Simpson, named the hero dog Hero. He already had two pups who he is getting along swimmingly with. They are taking this opportunity to remind the public why rescue dogs are so important. This beautiful dog did not have a home, and yet his heart was pure, and he saved a life. There are millions of dogs out there like him. This is why many states, like New Jersey, have outlawed ‘puppy shops.’ Customers must adopt their dog. And it makes sense, because in a world where there is an ‘overpopulation’ of dogs, and dogs get euthanized every day, why should puppy breeders be breeding new dogs? If we just adopted the dogs that are already living, many dog lives would be saved.