Nirvana’s “Nevermind”: An Album That Generations Will Remember

There isn’t a doubt about how influential Nirvana has been as a rock band, but what really lead to an overnight upturn in the band’s success was this album “Nevermind” that got released in 1991. Nirvana will be marking its 25 birthday soon, so it’s seems like a nice time to reminiscence all those days that embarked the significance of pop culture history, but it’s still undetermined what really caused “Nevermind” to become so contagious.

Nirvana has been credited as a hard rock band, but this album; however, took Seattle as a musical force, establishing an alternative musical sense that was helpful with killing off hair metal.

The musical success of this everlasting and unforgettable album, well, some people say, could be attributed to the timing of the release. Charles R. Cross author of “Heavier Than a biography about Kurt Cobain spoke about how the album became a big success due to musical and non-musical reasons. He said it would have been a hit no matter when it was released; although, the timing on this particular album was perfect, because Nirvana was a “superstar” act.

Kurt Cobain, who was the front man made the success obvious through his writing. The tortured rock star was unlike Beatles who worshipped pop music, but Kurt was a punk pop lover: an amalgamation of mythologized rock and pop. There is so much that’s still unheard about “Nevermind,” so take a look at some amazing facts about this album. And if you already know some of them, nevermind then.

  1. Axl Rose of the Guns N’ Roses asked Nirvana for support during their stadium tour, but Kurt declined the request.Nirvana’s “Nevermind”: An Album That Generations Will Remember
  2. The baby boy on the cover was initially a girl, but it was replaced after the record label demanded that they wanted a “d**k”.nirvana
  3. During their MTV VMAs performance in 1992, Nirvana intrigued everyone with their yet-to-be-released song “Rape Me” and forced MTV to cut into a commercial break.nirvana-rm
  4. “Nevermind” was originally named “Sheep;” the title was suggested by Kurt Cobain as a representation of conformity.sheep
  5. “Endless Nameless,” Nevermind’s hidden track, was accidentally left off from the first 50,000 copies. The song that was an improvised jam at the end of the recording of “Something in the Way.” But it turned out so so great, it was added into the album afterwards.endless-nameless
  6. “Nevermind” sold has sold 11 million copies by now just in America, with an amazing figure of 30 million worldwide.nir
  7. After the success of Nevermind, Kurt Cobain was offered a role to star as a heroin dealer in Pulp Fiction.pulp-fiction