Iconic Moments in Women’s Sport That Made Everyone Cheer

Maria Sharapova


In a sport that has promoted the fame of female athletes, it is logical we feature yet another one of its stars. Maria Sharapova, who was born in Russia and raised in Florida, is one of the biggest names in the history of the sport after she defeated Serena Williams in 2004’s Wimbledon final to become the youngest Grand Slam winner at age 17. This brought about multiple attentions to Maria and the female tennis.
Next to the William sisters, female tennis has become one of the most watched sports in the world today. Maria Sharapova also contributed to the fame of the sport and by the mid 00’s, the four time grand slam winner from Russia was on top of the entire athlete rich list possible.
Presently, at age 29, Maria Sharapova is still the richest female athlete in the world. This iconic event was only changed recently, because female athletes were paid less compared to male athletes in the sport despite their immense talents.

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