HiddleSwift is No More

It was the romance that rocked the summer: HiddleSwift. So picturesque, many thought they were all in it for the publicity….and the way they were so quick to show off their love in front of the paparazzi, it’s no wonder why. But now after only three months of dating, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have broken up. So what is next for these two?


Many speculate that Swift will write a song about the breakup (as she has tended to do in the past), although that was more during her country roots, and now that she’s a bonafied pop star, she may not be so quick to pen a song in Tom’s name. Hiddleston, on the other hand, will go back to being everyone’s favorite villain, Loki, as a now eligible bachelor.

So the question remains: was their love all for the publicity? Was it too good to be true? Or was there actually something there? Perhaps Tom was just Taylor’s Calvin Harris rebound, but we tended to think there was something more blossoming out of that love affair.