What happened during the first Presidential Debate?

The first Presidential Debate has wrapped recently and there are more questions than answers at this time. The debate, whose entire transcript can be found on Washington Post, managed to touch on some of the problems that the US is facing right now.

Growing jobs and income

What happened during the first Presidential Debate?

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton focused on a different approach here. Trump was more focused on ideas such as cutting regulation whereas Clinton promised that she will boost manufacturing jobs. Each one of them also has a distinct trade and tax policy designed to offer value. One of the things that didn’t get discussed during the debate unfortunately was the universal basic income which would solve many problems in the US. We can only imagine that none of the two candidates have a focus on this regard.

Touching to various states


While Clinton was more generalized with her ideas and actions, Trump decided to focus on talking about various states and cities. He talked about Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and other regions multiple times whereas Clinton barely touched them during the speech.



It is the concensus that Trump doesn’t have a good energy plan; however, Hillary Clinton does and that’s where you can find quite a massive difference to be honest. This is one of the topics where Hillary Clinton was a clear winner. One thing to note is that the two focused quite a bit on talking about temperament. While Clinton didn’t interrupt Trump, he did do 3 interruptions and 24 fleeting interjections.

Nuclear defense


This where Trump had issues as he said that the US is losing it to Japan here. This is far from true as Japan does struggle quite a bit and the results aren’t exactly some of the best for the country at this time. On the other hand, Clinton tried to apologize to the Allies of the US for the words of Trump, which does show some difference between the two approaches.



The talk about immigration and women was where Clinton managed to stand out quite a bit and this was obviously expected to happen considering how much she talks about empowering and helping women. Even if Trump did not mention the Wall, it was clear that he is not ok at all with immigration.

Military and families


Here the focus was, at least for Trump, on the fact that Russia is leaving us behind when it comes to Military. Clinton was more focused on family and she did address some things such as her plan to have a paid family leave for men as well, something that Trump does not.



The remark about Russians that hack the government from the Trump side was mostly a joke, but it does show that he doesn’t really have a plan to deal with the Cyber threats that come from this side. On the other hand, Clinton did touch on this albeit quite vaguely but she does have a plan that would help improve security for the government, companies and home users alike.
All in all, the debate was filled with some great remarks, lots of personal attacks and a good outline of the plans that each candidate has for the country’s future. While people are divided in regards to who won, the reality is that this debate was very powerful and it did bring in front some very interesting moments. We do look forward to the new debate which will take place on Sunday, October 9, 2016!