Defying all odds, and the words of his doctors, this boy awoke and had something to say

Newlyweds are filled with dreams for their lives ahead, hopes and aspirations for their future family and home. Matt and Danielle were just such a couple.

They met in high school, fell in love and decided to make the ultimate commitment to one another. Little did they know that their love would not be enough to protect them from a horrific and tragic set of circumstances, all brought about by a fateful accident…

1. A lifelong commitment

Danielle and Matt enjoyed their newlywed, loved-up life for just 6 months. They were making plans, lapping each other up, their friends and family basking in their obvious adoration for one another.

2. From the moment they met

This sweet couple from Georgia had fallen in love the moment they met each other in 2010. Danielle had been frantically working for her final exams, and they began dating a few months after they met. It wasn’t too long before Danielle and Matt realized they wanted to commit to each other forever.

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