Awkward Moments Every Awkward Person Understands

Uhh …

Yeah, that is the sound of awkwardness and perhaps every awkward person around the world can relate to it. The following post has been written to express solidarity with all the awkward people.

Here are 10 awkward moments every awkward person has had to face at least once and can sincerely relate to them:

10. How Do I Hold My Arms?


This is the most common awkward moment. Ever have to walk across an open space or towards someone and you suddenly become so conscious about how you are holding your arms? This is more associated with public appearances but for awkward people; it happens all the time.

9. Eating Noodles


Noodles have some kind of old grudge to settle with awkward people. You eat them just fine at home in your own convenience, but the moment you are directly across from someone, they decide to be uncooperative. They insist on not wrapping around the folk and hang from your mouth.

8. Am I Staring?


That weird moment when you are trying to listen but end up feeling like your sight is penetrating their soul. This might happen in reverse as well. When you are talking and eye contact is just a disaster.

7. Flat Jokes


When you tell a very hilarious joke but it comes out flat and serious. The result is you explaining the joke or ending up awkwardly laughing yourself. Next time, don’t explain the joke. Act like your sense of humour is just too awesome.

6. Oh! They Were Not Talking To Me


You hear someone talking to you and you reply only to realize that they were on the phone. Well, nobody heard you, right? Right! They probably did.

5. So, What Was Your Name?


It is quite humiliating when you end up asking someone’s name twice in 30 seconds. And, it is not like you did not catch it the first time.

4. The Waiter is Not Enjoying the Meal


Well, you were just being polite and it became something awkward. Years of practiced manners sometimes come out involuntarily. The waiter wishes you to enjoy your meal and you reply with a “you too”. Seriously, it was just politeness.

3. I Didn’t Get That


This wins the cake. Even the people lucky enough to stay away from awkwardness fall victim to this. When you can’t get what someone is saying even after they repeat it thrice and you just finally give up and just pretend. Your reply usually does not make sense even when you tried to play it safe.

2. Am I the Only Itchy One?


When you are scratching and suddenly become hyper aware of it. The awkwardness lies in because you feel like others were hyper-aware as well.

1. The Awkward Moment of Silence


When the whole hall goes silent and your cough or voice goes like a bomb.

Life can get awkward plenty of times but perhaps awkward people experience it more. Embrace your awkwardness.