The 7 Best Things About Back to School Time

Remember how upsetting the end of summer was when it was back to school time? But then once you got back to school, you remembered all the awesome perks that come with it? The new school year simply represents the beginning of a new line of adventures.

The 7 Best Things About Back to School Time. Warning: this will be nostalgia inducing…

Seeing old friends:


For many of us, summer means time with the family or maybe even out of town for vacations or summer camp. While these are amazing ways to spend July and August, they mean that you won’t have seen many of your school friends for a couple of months. Catching up with peers at the start of a new school year is definitely something to look forward to. And it usually takes all of summer to catch up with one another about your summers!

Back to school shopping:

The 7 Best Things About Back to School Time

One of the most exciting times to look forward to as school resumes is the ‘back to school shopping.’ This is peak season in the world of retail, and that means sales. There’s everything from shoes, to coats, to backpacks. Autumn is here, and a new wardrobe (or at least small additions to your old one) is definitely in order. Everyone wants to return to school in style…every new school year is a time to reinvent yourself!

New pencil case:


One of my favorite memories of school was all the brand-new supplies that I would get. There’s no better feeling than sitting at your new desk, in your new classroom and opening up your new pencil case to reveal your highlighters, pens, pencils, markers, glue, erasers, and all the cool stuff you can find within. And there are so many colors, themes, and characters that you can get on your supplies, it’s a great way to express yourself. I will never forget my Etch-a-Sketch pen that I housed in my Hello Kitty pencil case.

New teacher:


For those of you who loved your previous teacher, this may seem like a sad thing. However, a new teacher is a fresh chance to be inspired, to change the way you think about things, and approach problem solving; mostly a fresh chance to pick up your math interest.

New things to learn:


Routine can be gruesome. After a year of going on and on over the same topics, reading from the same authors, and doing what would have felt like the same assignments, a new school session is probably most exciting for you since you get to try out new things, books, lessons, and a lot more. A new school year guarantees a new reading list, new courses, and new assignments. Forget about all the topics you struggled to understand in the previous year; it is a new academic year now, and you can make it into whatever you want.

New friends:


While we already addressed the pleasure that comes from reconnecting with old friends, there has been no mention of meeting new friends. A new school year means the possibility of new people in your class. Whether they’ve transferred from another class in your school, or a different school altogether, it doesn’t matter. This is your chance to make unique connections and expand your horizons. See, going back to school isn’t all bad.

Getting away from home chores:


While the summer can be fun, it can also get really tedious with having to engage in chores all around the home. You can say goodbye to those chores when school resumes, because you need all the time in the world to study right?