6 Ways you know you are obsessed with Books

Do you think books are your only true friends? Do you often end up writing a plot of a story in your mind when you are bored? So here are 6 Ways you know you are obsessed with Books

It’s not a tacky habit. Indeed, books are a good companion. Let’s have a look at six ways you know you are obsessed with books.

6. Realizing You Have a Pool of Books in Your Bedroom

6 Ways you know you are obsessed with Books

One can really have a bath in this pool of books. They are spread out, off the bookshelves onto your bed, floor, computer desk, chairs, and cupboard. Who wants to see the old floor tiles anyway?

5. You Are the Go to a Person for A Book Recommendation


Everyone knows that you have the capacity to read ten books within a week, and you are always equipped with a suggestion. Your favorite genres range right from the old school romance to techno-horrors and everything in between. And why not?

4. You Would Not Think Twice About Giving Up the Real World


It’s so obvious, if you are reading an amazing book, you ignore the existing world…you forget about food, water, sleep, and school/work. People around you have to call or text you at least four times to grab your attention, and your eyes would probably be filled with wax as you didn’t sleep the whole night. But boy, do you care?

3. You Don’t Have Ordinary Dreams; You Have Unique Dreams Filled with Words You Read in Books


Not only this, but you even daydream about books and only books. Nobody can come into your dreams except the book you are reading right now and its characters. You have intense reading days when even your Hollywood crush fails to impress you.

2. Books Are One Of The Few Things Necessary To Keep You Alive During A Journey


You can’t go out without carrying a book in your bag. You simply cannot afford to lose a single moment you may get to spend with your book. In fact, you sometimes do not pick up your books on purpose and then buy new books, because that is what makes you happy.

1. When You Don’t Have a Kindle…

kindle for books

This is the worst thing for a bookaholic as he/she needs to carry an extra bag for books. If you don’t have it, then half of your luggage will be all paperbacks. Not that you mind it, but who wouldn’t love holding thousands of book at once!